On October, 6-9 Kyiv will host the First International Scientific Conference focused on artistic work of Kazymyr Malevych named "Kazymyr Malevych: the Kyiv Aspect". The event is to unite leading researchers of Malevych's artistic activities from France, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Belarus, Israel and Canada.

The conference aims at discussing the Kyiv period of the artist's work that comes into the spotlight for the first time in the book "Kazymyr Malevych. The Kyiv Period 1928-1930". The book contains recently discovered texts that relate to Malevych's work at the Kyiv Institute of Arts as well as the artist's articles published in 2015 that had been never published before and that became a scoop right on the 100th anniversary of the "Black Square".
Київ, Вознесенський узвіз, 20

Free entry with obligatory registration
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Iwona Luba
Doctor of Arts, professor, Head of Department of Modern Art and Culture at University of Warsaw (Poland)
Jean-Claude Marcadé
art expert, art historian, curator, Honorary Director of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) (France)
Alexander Nakov
Doctor of Arts at Sorbonne University of Paris, President of Aleksandra Ekster Association, Member of IRSA (France)

Patricia Railing
art historian, President of International Chamber of Russian Modernism (InCoRM, Paris) (France-UK)

Willem Jan Renders
art historian, Curator of Russian arts at Van Abbe Museum (Netherlands)

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Larysa Amelina
Associate Director for research of archival materials at the National Art Museum of Ukraine (Ukraine)

Irina Vakar
art expert, Senior Research Officer of the State Tretyakov Gallery (Russia)
Liliana Vezhbovska
Ph.D. in Art history, Associate Professor at the Department of Design at Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts (Ukraine)

Nataliya Hovorkova
art expert, researcher in the field of culture and art, Ph.D. Candidate at Portuguese Catholic University (Portugal)
Dmytro Horbachov
art expert, art historian, professor (Ukraine)
Tetyana Kara-Vasylieva
Doctor of Arts, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Fine and Decorative Art at the Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology named after M. Rylskyi NASU, Laureate of the National Shevchenko Prize of Ukraine
Ostap Kovalchuk
Ph.D. in Art history, Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs and Research at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Ukraine)
Georgi Kovalenko
Doctor of Arts, Honorary Doctor of Ukrainian Modern Art Research Institute (Kyiv), Senior Research Officer at the State Institute of Art (Moscow), Head of the Department of Russian art of XX century at the Institute of Theory and History of Fine Arts RAM (Moscow) (Russia)
Vitaliy Komlyk
BA, art expert (Ukraine)
Aleksandr Lisov
Ph.D. in Art history, Associate Professor at the Department of General History and World Culture at Vitebsk State University named after P. Masherov (Belarus)
Larysa Levchuk
Ph.D., professor (Ukraine)
Iryna Meleshkina
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs at the Museum of Theatre, Music and Cinema Art of Ukraine (Ukraine)
Sergiy Nagornyi
General Director of Ukrainian Journalists Confederation (Ukraine-Germany-Brussels)
Tetyana Pavlova
Ph.D. in Art history, Associate Professor at the Department of Art Theory and History at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (Ukraine)
Aleksandr Parnis
scholar of language, literary critic, scholar in Futurism (Russia)
Sergiy Pobozhiy
Ph.D.in Art history, Associate Professor at Sumy State University (Ukraine)
Nina Prybiega
art expert, Senior Editor of the publishing house «Mystetstvo» (Ukraine)
Olena Solomarska
Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor at the Department of French Philology at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine)
Joseph Agassi
PhD, Professor Emeritus at Tel Aviv University (Israel)
David Harel
MBA Harvard Business School, independent scholar (Israel)
First public display of Kyiv archives of Kazimir Malevich - October 6-8, exhibition hall

Exhibition «Embroidery of the Avant garde' (curated by T. Kara-Vasylieva, G. Kovalenko)» - October 6-8, assembly hall

October, 6
14:00 Press Briefing (UCMC, 2 Khreshchatyk Str.)
18:00 Registration
19:00 Opening Ceremony and the first showing of Kyiv archives of Malevich, presentation of the exhibition «Embroidery of the Avant garde» (Assembly Hall)
By invitation only
October, 7
09:30 Workshop 1. Kyiv in the space of Malevich.
By registration only

Participants: Jean-Claude Marcade, Dmytro Horbachov, Iwona Luba, Ostap Kovalchuk, Irina Vakar, Olena Solomarska, Aleksandr Parnis, Liliana Vezhbovska, Alexander Nakov, Natalia Govorkova.

Watch online stream: Казимир Малевич: Київський аспект (Сесія 1)

14:00 Workshop 2. Around Malevich.
By registration only

Participants: Willem Jan Renders, Tetyana Pavlova, Aleksandr Lisov, Larysa Amelina, Georgi Kovalenko, Iryna Meleshkina, Olena Novikova, Larysa Levchuk, Tetyana Kara-Vasylieva.

Watch online stream: Казимир Малевич: Київський аспект (Сесія 2)

19:00 «Multagitprop». Malevich and the search of cineforms.
Foreword by Anna Onufriyenko (in cooperation with National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre).
By registration only

The program «Multagitprop» includes «cartoon posters», newspaper satires and movie trailers of 1927 - 1930. Often anonymous, they remained as part of current events newsreel «Kinotyzhden VUFKU», the scenes which preceded filmshows in cinemas. Marked with the influence of Constructivism, early Ukrainian avant garde cartoons of 1920s weren't only a field of art, but also of technological experiment.

In his article about the cinema Malevich analyzes experiments and search for a new visual language in works of his contemporary filmmakers, particularly in films of Dzyga Vertov. After reviewing early animation by VUFKU we are going to get an idea about the new forms and new sensations Malevich writes about, to compare the conventional agitation movie language and such «abstract» experiments that the artists of the trailer of the film «Eleventh», included in the collection, allow themselves.
October, 8
09:30 Presentation «Modern Kyiv reflection on creativity of K. Malevich (architecture+design)»
by Antonyuk + Vozianov

10:00 Робоча сесія 3. After Malevich.
By registration only

Participants: Patricia Railing, Sergiy Pobozhiy, Joseph Agassi, David Harel, Sergiy Nagornyi, Vitaliy Komlyk, Nina Prybiega.

Watch online stream: Казимир Малевич: Київський аспект (Сесія 3)

14:00 Conference final debate.
By registration only

Participants: Sergiy Papeta, Oleksandr Nayden, Jean-Claude Marcade, Dmytro Gorbachyov, Iryna Vakar, Willem Jan Renders, Patricia Railing, Iwona Luba, Oleksandr Lysov, Tetyana Pavlova, Sergiy Pobozhiy.

16:15 Roundtable «Malevychemania».
By registration only

Performance by Alevtyna Kakhidze.
Participants: Natalia Zabolotna, Oleksandr Savruk, Olga Zhuk, Andriy Fedoriv, Pavlo Gudimov, Natalia Popovych, Natalia Zhevago.

Watch online stream: Казимир Малевич: Київський аспект (Сесія 4)

18:00 Presentation of documentary project «The Square by Malevich».
Meeting with the creative team and the head of Derzhkino of Ukraine Pylyp Illyenko.

19:00 Concert of Sed Contra Ensemble
«Bianco su bianco / White on White».
By registration only

Musicians of Sed Contra Ensemble, Kyiv ensemble specializing in contemporary academic music for over 3 years, will perform quite an unusual, but at the same time familiar to their line, program: an improvisational set inspired by ideas of Suprematist paintings by the world-famous Ukrainian artist. It will not be completely random: the musicians have produced scores, with the general plan of which they will be guided in the process of improvisation. The score is aimed at putting topos forms of Malevich Suprematism into music.

Among all the geometric shapes in work of the Ukrainian artist there are three stand-alone suprematic squares by Malevich: black, red and white ones. The last of which («White on White», or «white square») painted in two different shades of white is the pinnacle of Suprematism. Could there be something more objectless and subjectless than a white square on a white background? It is this painting that will serve as a guide for artistic improvisation set of the Sed Contra Ensemble musicians.

The way free improvisation, contemporary academic music phonetics and geometric shapes of Suprematist art will interact with the ideas of Kazimir Malevich can be heard at the concert.
October, 9
11:00 «Chagall, Malelvich, Lissitzky. As «the steel was tempered» of avant garde in the Eastern Europe». A talk with Dutch curator Willem Jan Renders, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven. Moderated by Lizaveta German, art expert, curator (in cooperation with Cultural Project, location – Education station 31V1, 31-V-1 Pushkinska Street).
Please submit the applicant's form to attend conference events
Conference venue:
The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture

20 Voznesensky decent
04053, Kyiv, Ukraine

Organizators contacts:
Tetyana Filevska
Mobile: +38 067 503 23 69
E-mail: tetyana.filevska@gmail.com
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